Notice to Practices

GMC registration and performers list status are checked on-line at the time a doctor enrols with Glasgow Locum Group. It remains the responsibility of the employing practice to check these and professional indemnity etc. are current at the time of employment of members.

Similarly, certificates of equivalent experience and letters of acceptance on to the lists of performers of general practice held by each health board should be checked by the employing practices.

In the interests of continuing goodwill between practices and Glasgow Locum Group we would like to recommend the following practices:

  • As the Office of Fair Trading ruled in 1999 that it was anti-competitive for the BMA (or any other association or group) to publish recommended rates for locum doctors, the practice and the locum should agree terms at the time of booking.
  • The booking and the terms should be confirmed in writing.
  • Appointments should be at 10 minute intervals to allow for unfamiliar systems and complex medical cases.
  • An allocation of time at the end of the surgery for completion of paperwork.
  • Practices are invoiced for the work provided by the locum. Time spent over that agreed at booking may be charged for by the locum.
  • Payment should be within 7 days of the invoice.
  • To improve efficiency, a locum pack (e.g. NASGP standardised practice induction pack) should be available including practice information, a map, contact telephone numbers, copies of forms used etc and computers should be logged on prior to the surgery start time.
  • Appropriately equipped consulting rooms will create an environment that will allow locums to provide an efficient service to your patients and not waste time locating basic equipment.